Saturday , 16 February 2019
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Now Solving Linear Equations By Substitution Method

Solving linear equations by substitution method

y=3x y=4+x → 3x=4+x now collect like terms together →3x-x=4 →2x=4 now divide both side of the equation by 2 to get the value of x →x=2 we can now get the value of y by choosing any of the above equation and replacing x for 2 let’s choose equation 1 →y=3(2) →y=6 Therefore the solution of this equation is at a point where …

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Solving Linear Equations By Elimination Methods Right Now

Solving Linear Equations By Method Of Elimination

x–4y=15 6x+4y=6 Solve for the value of x and y using the elimination method(Example 1)          x–4y=15 +      6x+4y=6         7x=21     4x+2y=12 6x+2y=8 choosing 4x+2y=12 and multiply by minus sign will imply -(4x+2y=12) this will give us -4x-2y=-12 we can now add both equations together. this will give us   …

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