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How To Create Bootable Usb From Iso Easily

Creating bootable usb from iso is now an easy to do task as a result of the several and easy to use free tools now available. The below notes has been well designed to give you an insight on how you can create bootable usb from iso
How To Create Bootable Usb From Iso
How To Create Bootable Usb From Iso

Novicorp win to flash application is one among the several free tools which can be used in creating our very own bootable USB drive. Due to its simplicity, it can be used in creating our bootable usb flash with just a press of a few clicks.The below video tutorial will show you how

Here are some of the few tips to do before moving forward. 

  • Make sure to place your iso file location for easy access like on the desktop.
  • Make sure to deactivate any free antivirus that might be running on your pc
Your usb flash drive should be at least 4GB or more. Anything less than 4GB might not work since the iso file itself is greater than 3.65GB
Here is why we ask you to deactivate your free antivirus protection.
Some free antivirus may falsely detect some of the autorun files as viruses, which may delete or block the autorun files from copying to our usb during the file transfer process, hence leading to the creation of corruptible bootable usb flash drive. This statement might be proved with the helped of the below image.
Autorun files blocked by free antivirus
Autorun files blocked by free antivirus
After placing your iso file at an easy to access location and your free antivirus disabled, then insert the usb flash drive to be used in creating your usb bootable. Make sure to format the usb before performing any action.

Before the formatting process, do not forget to backup any important file that might be found on the usb drive to avoid any loss of data. Then move to your browser and search for website to download and install the novicorp wintofalsh application on your pc.

After the install process has been completed, an easy to follow auto instructions will be readily made by the app for you to follow. This has been well explained in this easy to follow video tutorial

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